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Underwriting Strategies Inc. has created a unique ecosystem focused on the global distribution and regulation of wholesale insurance products.  With our extensive experience and our broad contacts at the highest levels of insurers’ senior management, we focus on staying ahead of the curve in insurance investing, finding niche financial opportunities in the insurance industry before they become “conventional wisdom”.

About | Princeton Risk Partners LLC



Based in Princeton, New Jersey, Underwriting Strategies Inc. organizes investments into and manages insurance agencies, distributors, and services businesses around the world. We maintain relationships with dozens of the largest and most respected global and regional specialized insurers, and our managers and advisors are experienced insurance executives and financial investors with a long track record in growing insurance businesses into global franchises.


CONNECTED. Underwriting Strategies has relationships at the highest levels of corporate finance within the global insurance and capital markets, including with some of the largest, most prominent insurance companies and New York and London investment firms.


SECTOR EXPERTISE. We have deep knowledge within the insurance industry sectors where we target opportunities, enabling us to add strategic value to the businesses we partner with.


LONG-TERM PARTNER. We believe in a long-term, relationship-oriented approach to our companies and partners. We view capital as a mechanism to grow and improve companies; we are not bound to any particular horizon or exit strategy.


INTEGRITY. We have a reputation for integrity and trustworthiness, making us a preferred partner on deals.

Our Companies | Princeton Risk Partners LLC


Underwriting Strategies owns and manages independent specialty insurance entities

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Princeton Property Casualty is a holding company that through its subsidiaries provides leading property-casualty wholesale solutions to insurance agents and brokers nationwide, with a particular emphasis on healthcare and professional liability risks.

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Union Bay Risk Advisors LLC is an insurance agency that offers AI-driven insurance analysis to selected business verticals. Based in Princeton, NJ and Ontonagon, MI, Union Bay and its affiliates do business with over 60 insurance markets.


Trimountain Logic provides insurance agents with a customized AI-based insurance coverage navigator tool that recommends coverages and limits for their digital leads.


PromoBot creates mobile digital content used in marketing campaigns to insurance agencies and their SME client base, as well as other businesses in the US and internationally.



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116 Village Blvd, Suite 306

Princeton, New Jersey 08540

Tel: +1 609 608 1497

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